Local Missions
Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) - Mississippi State University Elliott Everitt - RUF Campus Minister, Mississippi State University Anne Michal Carter- RUF Intern - Mississippi State University
Grant Carter- RUF Intern - Mississippi State University
Shelton Wittenberg - RUF Intern - Mississippi State University
Deacons' Fund
Trail Life USA
Mission Sundays
Casserole Kitchen
Backpack Meals

Regional Missions

Disaster Response Ministry
French Camp Academy
National Missions
Wilson & Callie West - Nat. Church of the Res., New Orleans, LA
Kristen Spink Thompson - RUF Washington University Ross Lockwood - RUF Western Kentucky University
Anna Grider - RUF East Carolina University
Kelley Murphree – RUF Intern Southern
Cat Remington – RUF Intern Colorado State
Caroline White – RUF University of KY
Laura Whitten – RUF Intern Stanford University
Emily Benson – RUF Intern UAB
Johnson Rhett – RUF Intern Mississippi College
PCA General Assembly 

International Missions

Betsy Aeschliman -MTW Medical Dale and Susan Ellison - Peru Mission Richard and Brenda Harman - Wycliffe Bible Translators
Ellie Honea - MTW Tokyo Craig and Stacy Pohl - MTW Santiago, Chile Alex and Irina Ponomarev - Ministry to Slavic Tribes
Bruce and Barbara Wannemacher - MTW Africa
Linda Wixon - MTW Japan
Evan and Bonnie - MTW West Africa
Daniel and Katy Brink – MTW Belgium Foster and Laura Gullett – MTW Italy